The only treatment for permanent acne scar removal!

Permanent repair of atrophic and depressed acne scars with needle-free hyaluronic acid injections that stimulate the generation of new tissue.

How the Acne Scars treatment works

About 95% of people with acne will have scars following the initial inflammation. Enerjet2.0 is the only treatment offering a permanent solution, which specifically targets deep scars caused by acne.

The EnerJet2.0 Acne Scars treatment uses pneumatic acceleration of high-mass hyaluronic acid particles that penetrate the epidermis through a minuscule entry point. Once the solution reaches the dermal layer, it spreads laterally, causing a subcision effect, breaking up the fibrotic strands of the scar that connect the scar to the underlying subcutaneous tissue.

This releases the scar tissue, which allows the fibroblast cells to form new connective tissue and generate new collagen during the process of natural wound healing, all this combined with a dermal filler effect.

The filler, optimized for acne scars, improves the way the body responds to the healing process, producing a synergic effect that enhances the result. The filler raises the scar to the level of the surrounding skin, for a smoother look and feel.

Why choose Enerjet 2.0 technology?

Real results

Looking for Enerjet 2.0 results?

Here we only show you the real results of real patients treated by the best of the best doctors and nurse clinicians in North America.


Before and 3 months
after 2 treatments

Courtesy of Dr. Patel, UK


Before and 3 weeks
after 1 treatment

Courtesy of Dr. Levenberg, Israel

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