Thickening of the facial and body skin, wrinkles reduction

The best non-invasive skin rejuvenation and thickening solution to smooth skin and wrinkles as well as thicken the dermal layer while rehydrating the skin.

How the Dermal Remodeling and Thickening treatment works

An increasing number of patients are looking for safe, non-invasive skin rejuvenation and thickening treatments as a solution to changes in the tone and texture of the skin as it ages.

The EnerJet2.0 Dermal Thickening treatment simultaneously administers kinetic energy and the appropriate healing compound, such as hyaluronic acid and/or vitamins. The treatment generates a deep volumetric effect (up to 6 mm).

The combination of a microtrauma and the healing compound stimulates dermal regeneration, resulting in the natural production of new collagen and elastin. The hyaluronic acid molecules absorb water for rapid healing and hydration of the skin for visibly improved skin that is 2 to 3 times thicker.

Wound healing following an EnerJet2.0 treatment is a natural restorative reaction. The treatment prompts a series of cellular events that smooth, reconstitute, and restore the resistance of ageing skin.

The difference between EnerJet2.0 technology and standard hyaluronic acid injections is that whereas the latter provide immediate results, EnerJet2.0 technology combined with needle-free injections produces long-term results. cutané.

Why choose Enerjet 2.0 technology?

Real results

Looking for real Enerjet 2.0 results?

Here we only show you the real results of real patients treated by the best of the best doctors and nurse clinicians in North America.


Before and 6 months
after 3 treatments

Courtesy of Prof. Cassuto, Italy

Before and
after 3 treatments

Courtesy of Dr. Espinoza

All the skin conditions covered by EnerJet 2.0 

Stretch Marks

The best technology for stretch mark removal

Acne Scars

The only treatment for permanent acne scar removal

Keloid Scars

Safe and effective scar reduction

Kinetic Lift

A face lift without the risk of surgery

Dermal Thickening

Thickening of the face and body skin as well as reduction of facial wrinkles

Neck Lines

Horizontal neck lines and wrinkles treatment


Skin thickening and remodelling targeting hands


Skin thickening and remodelling targeting décolleté


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