Kinetic energy serving medical devices

We are proud to introduce the EnerJet2.0!  for superior physician and patient experiences and even better clinical results!

The JVR Powered – Enerjet2.0™ raises the bar for non-surgical treatments including deep remodeling and long-lasting skin treatments together with supreme needle-free intradermal compounds delivery.


5 effective treatments, including stretch marks and neck lines


Combining 2 worlds : energy-based devices and injections


Covers 100x the surface of a needle injection


Unique and unparalleled

Enerjet2.0 is a unique technology that is tailor-made to fill a gap in the medico-aesthetic industry.


Effective and permanent results

Enerjet2.0 is the best technology on the market to treat scars, acne scars and stretch marks. It offers effective results for dermal remodeling including neck lines, hands and non-surgical face ifts.

All the skin conditions covered by EnerJet 2.0 

Stretch Marks

The best technology for stretch mark removal

Acne Scars

The only treatment for permanent acne scar removal

Keloid Scars

Safe and effective scar reduction

Kinetic Lift

A face lift without the risk of surgery

Dermal Thickening

Thickening of the face and body skin as well as reduction of facial wrinkles

Neck Lines

Horizontal neck lines and wrinkles treatment


Skin thickening and remodelling targeting hands


Skin thickening and remodelling targeting décolleté

Simple and fast

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