Safe and effective scars reduction

Breaks up fibrous tissue from the inside, which triggers a natural healing process, helps generate new tissue, and reduces inflammation.

How the Hypertrophic and Keloid Scars treatment works

The EnerJet2.0 Hypertrophic and Keloid Scars Repair treatment reduces the size of the scar and lessens the variation of pigmentation so the scar blends more evenly with the surrounding skin.

Keloids are raised fibrotic scars that spread beyond the edges of the initial wound, whereas hypertrophic scars are confined to the edges of the wound. Hypertrophic scars generally appear within a month of the initial inflammation, while keloids can take three months, or even years, to develop.

The treatment uses pneumatic acceleration and a jet of a healing compound that penetrates the epidermis through a miniscule entry point, allowing it to spread and disperse throughout the dermis.

The accelerated impact of the solution breaks up the fibrotic keloid tissue from the inside, releasing deep scar adhesions from the underlying structures and initiating a normal, natural healing process.

The innovative mechanism that penetrates the scar tissue to its internal structure has shown a high rate of success over time. This ideal treatment produces fast results, with minimal discomfort.

Why choose Enerjet 2.0 technology?

Real results

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Here we only show you the real results of real patients treated by the best of the best doctors and nurse clinicians in North America.


Before and 1 month
after 5 treatments

Courtesy of Dr. Artzi, Israel


Before and 1 month
after only 1 treatment

Courtesy of Dr. Levenberg, Israel

All the skin conditions covered by EnerJet 2.0 

Stretch Marks

The best technology for stretch mark removal

Acne Scars

The only treatment for permanent acne scar removal

Keloid Scars

Safe and effective scar reduction

Kinetic Lift

A face lift without the risk of surgery

Dermal Thickening

Thickening of the face and body skin as well as reduction of facial wrinkles

Neck Lines

Horizontal neck lines and wrinkles treatment


Skin thickening and remodelling targeting hands


Skin thickening and remodelling targeting décolleté


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